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Industrial robots are widely used in various manufacturing fields and are in high demand in the automotive field.
Currently, QNT Co.,Ltd.'s software is applied to domestic and overseas companies' smart factories in the automobile manufacturing field, and is responsible for the quality of the body which is the skeleton of the automobile.
In the early stages of the introduction of industrial robots, there was a great demand for automobile manufacturing, but recently it has been applied to various manufacturing industries. Of these, demand for electronics manufacturing is increasing as much as the automotive sector.
QNT Co., Ltd.'s software fills the need for product quality as it is a field that requires precise and accurate work.
Mixed Reality
Mixed Reality
In the actual Smart Factory, the industrial robot is placed inside the safety fence, so when the plant is running, it is impossible for the administrator to visually identify the robot in the fence and to determine its status. QNT Co., Ltd. is responsible for smooth operation of smart factories as well as safety of managers by using self-developed software utilizing mixed reality.
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